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Our hair transplantation success and world-class hair replacement results stem from the unique HUE (High-Yield Unit Extraction®) process that we utilize to achieve natural hair restoration results and unprecedented density for our hair loss patients.
The hair transplant industry often refers to the number of grafts used and charge for a hair restoration procedure based on that specific number. A “graft” is a small piece of tissue made up of skin, subcutaneous fat and anywhere from 1-7 hairs. These grafts are made from a strip of hair being cut down into many tinier pieces. Sometimes grafts are taken out individually, one at a time in a process called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

Hair transplantation companies who base their hair transplant cost “per graft” are incentivized to cut as many small grafts as possible from a donor strip so that they can charge more money to hair loss patients. Their mindset is “why cut a larger graft when I can create more single hair grafts and thus make more money?” Unfortunately, this results in smaller grafts which fail to achieve any meaningful density. It also means that hair restoration patients may have to return to have multiple procedures in the same area to slowly increase density and hair regrowth. Our Licensed Medical Doctors and Chief Medical Director, Dr. Matt Huebner believe that this is a huge disservice to the hair loss patient.

The problem with conceptualizing and creating hair transplant cost based on the number of grafts is that there are many variables that are required to achieve great hair transplant result. Using different sizes of hair grafts in specific locations is absolutely necessary to achieve a perfect blend of naturalness and density.

For example, in frontal hairline and temple work, it is absolutely necessary to use small single hair grafts. Everyone naturally has these small single hairs in the frontal hairline and temples. Using larger grafts in the frontal hairline results in an unnatural, “pluggy”, “dolls-hair” appearance which is often seen in older-style of hair transplants and hair plugs. But a single hair graft, while being natural, makes it difficult to achieve any real density. It is necessary to use larger grafts (grafts containing up to 6-7 hairs each) behind these smaller grafts to achieve meaningful density. We focus on choosing the right graft for the right region of the head, which allows us to achieve meaningful density and natural hair replacement results.

At Natural Transplants we price hair transplant procedures on the amount of tissue moved, which is a more logical way to conceptualize the hair restoration process. Based on the density of the hair transplant patient’s donor tissue, this can yield anywhere from 6,000-8,000 hairs or more in a single procedure—the end result being an addition of 30-40% density!

Our team of doctors work hard to develop the proper types of hair grafts in various regions of the head to achieve unparalleled results. In fact, they are able to achieve more density for our hair transplant patients in one procedure than other clinics achieve in 2-3 procedures. This is what sets Natural Transplants apart from the rest of the hair transplantation industry!


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