Hair Replacement Surgery Travel Incentive
At Natural Transplants, Hair Restoration Clinic the majority of our hair loss patients join us from outside the local areas of our clinics. In fact, we have treated hair loss patients from all over the world. We have treated hair loss patients from China, India, England and other parts of Europe, South Africa and even Australia. And of course, we have patients that fly in from all over the United States. Because we feel you shouldn’t be penalized for having to travel to find the best doctors, we offer a travel incentive of up to $1,000 to help out with these expenses.
While it’s possible to fly home from one of our clinics immediately, we find that most patients like to stay in town for a day or two (sometimes more) after the procedure. We are more than happy to have you stop by the office on the day following the procedure for a check-up. And the process of removing the suture in the back incision (around day 10-12) is easily done where the patient lives, through their primary doctor, walk-in-clinic or other medical professional. It is painless and takes just several minutes.

Our team is available for free pre-procedure and a post-procedure discussion to answer any questions you might have or to follow-up on progress. Remember, just because a local doctor may be convenient, it doesn’t always make them the best choice.

To learn more about the travel incentive please contact us for a free consultation. Our clinics offer free consultations via WhatsApp, Facetime, or in person.



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