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Timbaland Shows Off His New Hair After Transplant

Multi-Platinum Grammy Winning Producer Timbaland Worked With Hair Doctors At Natural Transplants To Restore His Hairline

On the fence about getting a hair transplant? According to Timbaland, “do it earlier rather than later.”

Last week, the multi-platinum and Grammy Award-winning producer took to Instagram to unveil his new look. After struggling with hair loss – aka alopecia – Timbaland decided to take the plunge and restore his hairline with Natural Transplants.

In the caption, he writes, “A BIG heartfelt thank you to @dr_haroldsiegel and his team over at @naturaltransplantsclinic for taking care of me and giving me that extra care and attention with my new hair. Taking care of your hair early AND with the right doctor is key @naturaltransplantsclinic is where it’s at.”

There’s some things you can change about your body, but you don’t have much control over your hairline.

“Working out, changing your body, I can put the work in. This one – I have to go get work. There’s no getting around it.” Timbaland said in his Instagram post.

He’s not alone, either. Hair transplants are actually one of the most common cosmetic surgeries among celebrities.

For good reason, too. Hair transplants offer a permanent solution to those dealing with hair loss. The technique moves hair from the back and sides of the head to balding parts of the head. These donor hairs are not subject to the same hair loss process as hair in balding areas.

Timbaland Hair Transplant: Surgery Day

Check out our YouTube video to see how his surgery day went!

A lot of people want to know if hair transplant surgery is painful. According to Timbaland, “I’ve never been so comfortable with a procedure.”

The most painful part is the anesthesia. After that, you can just sit back and relax while the doctors perform their magic on your hairline!

Finding The Right Hair Doctor Matters

One of the biggest takeaways from Timbaland’s hair transplant is that choosing the right hair doctor is essential.

“I’m excited for this, you know, I think people need to know, especially the people of color. A lot of doctors do us, but they don’t do us right. Dr. Siegel and Dr. Matt, they gonna get me right.”

When deciding on a hair transplant surgeon, ask questions. They should be able to show you clear before and after examples of past patients. It’s important to find a doctor who has proven experience working on your hair type.

Of course, it can take between six to twelve months to see full results after surgery. So, make sure to check back in with Timbaland as he goes through his hair journey!

Timbaland says, “Trust me, this is the beginning. Wait a year, maybe even six months, you will see the difference. Watch.”

As he says, “Don’t be jealous!” Book your hair transplant consultation instead.

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