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Does Dying Hair Cause Hair Loss? What to Know

My Hair Is Falling Out After Dying It. Will It Grow Back?

Many people use hair dye to cover gray hairs, look younger, or even to express themselves with fun colors. But it’s not the only reason people want a new hair color. Semi-permanent or permanent hair dye can help achieve a vibrant and healthy glow, or change their hair color and appearance.

A new hair color can give a person a new identity. However, damaged hair and hair loss is not the look people go for!

If you’ve noticed that your hair is thinning or falling out after dying it, keep reading to learn how dying and hair loss are related, and a few tips to prevent this from occurring.

Can Hair Dyes Make Your Hair Fall Out?

So, does hair dye cause hair loss? In short, yes, using hair dye can make your hair fall out, but it depends on the type of dye.

If you are worried that your hair is falling out after dying, look at the type of hair dye you use.

  • Temporary hair dyes are normally sprayed on and sit on the surface of your hair, and only last until you shampoo your hair. Temporary hair dye does not cause any damage or hair loss.
  • Semi-permanent hair dye lasts for several months when you use the right shampoos and other hair care products. However, it will fade over time. It has no ammonia in it.
  • Permanent hair dyes are the longest lasting, but they do the most damage to your hair.

Monoethanolamine and ammonia contained in permanent hair dyes ultimately damages your hair strands, causing breakage in the length of hair, giving the appearance of thinning hair.
You can also experience hair loss if you are allergic to the dye, so always do a test first. There have even been cases where people have experienced massive and immediate hair loss due to an allergy to an ingredient.

Another common culprit of hair damage when dying hair is the bleach. Not everyone uses bleach before coloring. People use it when they want to go blonde, get highlights, or lighten their hair for fashion colors.

Bleach penetrates deep into your hair to remove your natural color, and it breaks down the keratins in your hair. This causes your hair to become brittle and break more easily. You should always go to a professional to bleach your hair to prevent as much damage as possible.

How to Stop Hair Damage After Coloring

You should be able to enjoy changing your hair color without hair loss. The good news is that you can take steps to protect your hair. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Frequency. Don’t dye your hair too frequently. If you’re not sure if a color would be right for you, try the temporary version first. You can also do a patch test in an inconspicuous area.
  • Quality. Use the best quality permanent or semi-permanent hair dyes you can afford.
  • Go to a salon. If you are concerned about damaging your hair, go to the professionals. It will be more expensive, but they know the best ways to care for your hair. They can also give you personalized advice and recommend products.
  • Shampoo. Wash your hair with a special shampoo designed for dyed hair. Avoid anti-dandruff shampoo that contains zinc pyrithione, as this can strip your color.
  • Hair washing. Most people only need to wash their hair once or twice a week. Don’t wash your hair every day. Your hair may need time to adjust if you are used to washing every day.
  • Trim your hair. One of the most essential ways to keep your hair healthy is to simply get a regular trim. Split ends don’t just stay at the ends. They can split all the way up the hair shaft unless you get regular cuts.
  • Blow drying. Heat damages your hair, so limit your blow dryer use. The same goes for any hot tools, like hot rollers or flat irons. Let your hair air dry whenever possible.
  • Diet. Keep your hair nourished with a diet high in omega-3 acids, proteins, vitamins, and nutrients.
  • Hot weather. Wear a hat or scarf to limit sun exposure to your hair in hot weather.
  • Embrace your natural hair! Hair dye is a lot of maintenance, especially if you bleach your hair first. More and more people are embracing their gray hairs anyway.

Follow these tips to reduce hair thinning or loss that can result from dying your hair.

Closing Out: Hair Damage from Hair Dye

If you’ve noticed your hair falling out after dying, we invite you to contact a doctor at Natural Transplants to understand if your hair loss is related to dying your hair or other factors.

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