Fashion Tips for Balding Men

For balding men, you may be concerned about your appearance. It’s a common experience for men to lose their self-confidence with hair loss, as it can be difficult to come to terms with.

But just because you’re losing your hair doesn’t mean you have to lose your style. Stepping up your fashion game is a great way to boost your confidence and improve your appearance.

Whether it’s dressing for work, or a date night, keep reading for some great, easy-to-implement fashion tips for balding men.

Fashion Tips from a Professional Stylist

Jennifer Lund is the owner of a men’s personal styling company in Chicago called A Sharp Dressed Man. She has a fashion degree and 20 years of experience in the men’s clothing industry.

Here are her top 4 fashion tips for bald men looking to elevate their style.

Tip 1: Elevate Your Hat Game

Hats can keep your head warm, prevent sunburns, and be a stylish addition to your wardrobe. I recommend having a few nicer options to wear when you’re not headed to a sports game. My personal favorites for all seasons include:

  • a basic, non-logoed baseball cap with wicking fabric
  • a fedora with a houndstooth or subtle pattern
  • a wool or straw trilby (hats with a fixed brim)

These options are great for men of all ages!

Tip 2: Accessorize With Fashionable Glasses

A structured pair of glasses adds dimension to your look for balding men. Instead of heading to your local drugstore, spend the extra money and shop at a store that specializes in eyewear. Ask for help to pair frames that work well with the shape of your face. If you don’t need glasses for reading or driving, don’t overlook this tip! A cool, fashionable pair of sunglasses is essential.

Tip 3: Focus on Fit

The best way to look sharp is to select clothing that highlights your body type. Shirts and pants should lay next to your body and shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. I often work with men who size up when they shouldn’t. Tailored shirts, pants, and sport coats can still be comfortable with the help of stretchy fabrics. Look for polyester and spandex on clothing labels.

Tip 4 – Invest in Staples

Balding men can get more out of your wardrobe by investing in everyday essentials like pants, jeans, and sport coats that you can re-wear and repurpose. Opt for a nice sneaker instead of a running shoe to pair with well-fitting jeans, and purchase Mr Davis undershirts to keep your dress shirts and sweaters cleaner and nicer for longer.

More About Jennifer

As a stylist, she work one-on-one with men of all shapes, sizes, ages, and styles, offering services like shopping for everyday clothes or for special occasion wear and closet edits to help men get the most out of their existing wardrobe. Men appreciate her efficient, honest and direct approach, and she truly enjoy helping them boost their confidence.

In Closing: Developing Your Personal Style

Men can still look dapper if they are bald or balding. Follow these fashion tips to develop a new sense of style that will boost your confidence.

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